E. coli headlines prompt hygiene led enquiries


Recent headlines around E. coli outbreaks in the UK highlight the impact and importance of hygiene practices in commercial foodservice, food storage and preparation environments specifically.

John Newell, Director at Mechline explains more:

“Incidents like these underscores the critical importance of maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation to reduce the risk of unwanted bacteria in food preparation environments.  Outbreaks caused by bacteria, not only jeopardise consumer safety and wellbeing but also inflict severe reputational damage on businesses. The recent E. coli incident has highlighted the vulnerability of even the most reputable establishments, with long-term consequences including loss of consumer trust, legal liabilities, and financial setbacks. In a highly competitive industry, the ramifications of a single hygiene lapse in the food life chain can be devastating.”

To help foodservice operators mitigate these challenges, Mechline developed the **HyGenikx Air and Surface Sanitising Unit**, a proven technology solution designed to significantly enhance hygiene standards in commercial foodservice operations. The HyGenikx unit is already used in many establishments both front and back of house and utilises advanced technologies to continuously and effectively sanitise both air and surfaces, reducing the risk of harmful pathogens, including E. coli, and ensuring a safer environment for food preparation and storage.

Key Features and Benefits of the HyGenikx include:

Continuous Sanitisation: Operates 24/7 to provide ongoing protection against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, moulds, and fungi.

Proven Efficacy: Scientifically tested and proven to eradicate microbial contamination, thereby lowering the risk of food contamination. In one laboratory study, HyGenikx technology removed 100% of E. coli from the air within 1 hour and removed 99.9% of E. coli from surfaces within 48 hours. 

User-Friendly Design: Easy to install and maintain, seamlessly integrating into existing kitchen environments without disrupting operations. Discreet and safe.

Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrates a proactive commitment to food safety, helping businesses build and maintain consumer trust.

John continues:            

“We understand the immense pressure that the commercial foodservice supply chain face in maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. The recent E. coli outbreak is a stark reminder of the critical need for robust sanitisation solutions right across the food industry. The HyGenikx unit offers a simple, reliable and effective means of protecting both customers and businesses from the far-reaching consequences of foodborne pathogens. And the costs of the units are fractional.”

By adopting the HyGenikx Air and Surface Sanitising Unit, commercial foodservice operations and operators can significantly mitigate the risks associated with bacteria and virus contagions.

For more information about the HyGenikx unit and how it can enhance your kitchen’s hygiene practices, please visit https://www.mechline.com/hgx/


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