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Pre-Rinse Sprays

Washing up stations in busy commercial kitchens in the hospitality and food service industries have to handle a lot of throughput. Pre-rinse sprays are an essential part of the dishwashing process, and they are relied on heavily to pre-rinse dishware prior to being put in the dishwasher. This is why it’s important to make sure you invest in a high quality, durable and water efficient pre-rinse spray for your kitchen.

We offer a range of pre-rinse sprays designed for the professional hospitality and food service industry. Choose from our AquaTechnix, AquaJet and Delabie ranges.


Spare Parts & Accessories


Commercial kitchen taps

Commercial kitchen taps need to withstand the continuous operation, knocks from pots and pans and high water temperatures found in busy foodservice environments. So, it is essential that they are manufactured to the highest quality and with professional use and ease of operation in mind.

Our commercial kitchen taps are designed specifically for hospitality and foodservice environments, with robust models and options to suit every application. Choose from AquaTechnix, AquaJet, CaterTap, Performa and Delabie ranges.


Electronic & Hands-Free Taps

Regular and thorough hand-washing is imperative in all foodservice operations to prevent the spread of bacteria and other pathogens. Hands-free taps are the gold standard for handwashing equipment as they significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Unlike traditional manual taps where the user is required to touch a tap lever or handle with dirty hands to turn it on, and then again with clean hands to turn it off, hands-free taps require no manual contact after handwashing, which prevents the spread of germs by hand.

Our hands-free taps encourage good handwashing habits and water savings with intelligent design. Choose from our electronic and soft-touch time flow models.


Hand wash stations

In foodservice settings all kitchens are required to provide a dedicated hand wash station for its staff to use that serves clean hot and cold (or mixed) running water. There should also be materials nearby for cleaning and drying hands.

Hands-free wash basins can maximise user hygiene and food safety, by removing the need for manual contact and preventing the spread of germs by hand. This is why it important to make sure you select the right hand wash basin for your kitchen to encourage good hand-washing habits.

We offer the BaSix hand wash station range, which is designed to promote good hygiene practice and water savings. Basins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without hands-free technology, and have the option to add a splashback, soap dispenser and/or waste bin.


Water Hoses & Accessories

Foodservice water hoses are essential in ensuring that commercial kitchen appliances are connected and working properly and safely. With different types of hoses available, to suit different applications, it is important that you select the correct type, whether it is for sink taps, pre-rinses, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, or other catering equipment.

We offer a range of WRAS-approved foodservice water hoses for various applications, and speciality hoses and quick disconnect valves for mobile equipment and easy maintenance. Included in the range are stainless steel braided hoses, coiled hoses and the original AquaVend food-grade drinking water hoses.


Drinks Stations

When patrons, and the public, look to refill reusable drinks bottles, foodservice venues are the first point of call. This is why dedicated drinks stations are essential additions for your businesses. Drinking water must be easily accessible for staff, customers, and the public – and drinking stations safe and hygienic to use – for you to encourage more refills and help protect the environment.

Our BaSix range of drinks stations is ideal for public and staff areas, with filler and bubbler tap options.


Mobilisation Systems for Sinks & Dishtabling

Cleaning behind catering equipment can be very difficult and is often neglected in commercial kitchen cleaning as a result. Mobilisation systems for sinks and dishtabling are vital for maintaining a safe kitchen, as they enable you to get behind usually fixed equipment where food spillages dirt and debris can build up.

With our QuickLink mobilisation systems for sinks and dishtabling you can carry out cleaning duties regularly without calling in an engineer or specialist cleaning contactors.


Commercial hose reels

For foodservice staff a shift isn’t finished until the wash down and deep clean is complete. A commercial hose reel can make cleaning kitchens that much quicker, easier and more effective than a traditional mop and bucket, whilst also helping to create a safer environment. As a spring loaded hose retracts after use, it stores neatly, lasts longer and minimises the potential trip hazard. In our commercial hose reel range, models are either steel powder coated or stainless steel (304) for maximum working life.


Mobile Hand Wash Basins

Customers, as well as staff, are expected to maintain good hand hygiene when inside foodservice venues. A mobile hand wash basin is ideal when you want to encourage good handwashing habits at entrances, in small spaces, and other areas. Contactless basins also minimise the risks of cross-contamination, which is why it is important to select hands-free stations, which are also are easy to clean. The BaSix space-saving, hands-free, mobile hand wash basin is compact, easy to transport and ideal for any area as it can be located where water, waste and electric utilities are not available