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The Air and Surface Sanitiser/Sanitiser Product Comparison Checklist

Air quality and safety, particularly in the foodservice and environmental industries, is essential. Bacterial cells can multiply at a rapid speed, quickly contaminating kitchens and posing a significant threat to employees and patrons. An air and surface sterilising/sanitising unit is a necessary investment to help optimise your cleaning procedures and ensure that biological hazards are eliminated quickly and effectively. 

With numerous solutions on the market, however, it can be difficult to identify the right system for your particular needs. To help you make the best possible decision for your foodservice establishment, we’ve conducted some research, taking into account your industry’s unique requirements. 

We’ve identified the must-have features that air and surface sanitiser/sanitiser systems need to provide optimal safety in areas where food is stored and prepared. 

Application range

Manufacturers of air and surface sanitiser/sanitiser units often tailor their products for specific environments such as hospitals or domestic spaces. As a food service outlet, you’re likely to need a versatile system that provides excellent results in multiple settings. For example, the HyGenikx range has been developed for use in cold rooms and food preparation areas, but it’s also perfect for washrooms or front of house.


Check that the product you’re considering works in small and large occupied areas and whether it’s suitable for continuous occupation. Since different products are created for a particular application, they often have limited coverage and are optimised for the areas they’re expected to serve. To prevent exposure to contamination, ensure that your unit is suitable for the size of the space you need to sanitise.

24/7 infection control

HyGenikx provides round-the-clock hygiene and safety protection. We understand that upholding the highest hygiene standards is essential for foodservice establishments in order to raise your venue’s profile as an employee and customer-centric business. 

If the system you are considering does not provide continuous sanitisation, it’s very likely that it’s not fit for purpose in a food prep environment. To ensure that viruses, bacteria and odours are effectively tackled, choose a system that offers 24/7 infection control.

Safe use in occupied rooms

Air and Surface sanitisers/sanitisers make use of different technologies that may require you to adjust your procedures. Air sanitisers/sanitisers that produce high levels of ozone, for example, need to be used with caution, as areas are unoccupiable while they are operating and for a period after the process has been completed.

Operation downtime

If the system you are considering will require your kitchen, bar or dining area to be out of use, it’s important to factor in the cost of downtime to your business and how your schedule will be affected. Get clear specifications and instructions from the supplier to ensure that individuals are only entering a space once it is safe to do so. 

Tackles unpleasant odours

While pleasant cooking aromas are a key feature of the culinary industry, the build-up and mixture of odours resulting from the cooking process are not always, pleasant, safe or healthy. Choose an air and surface sanitiser/sanitiser that won’t simply mask the smell. It’s important to target and kill the root cause of odours––usually microorganisms. 


An air sanitiser/sanitiser can be an affordable solution and provide many long term benefits which counterbalance the cost. A clean environment helps boost your health and safety rating, prevent contamination that requires expensive damage control, and enhances your venue’s reputation. Be sure to choose a system that fits your budget and the long term goals for your business. Your decision should be based on the quality of the product, the service, warranty and maintenance agreements offered, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer you’re considering. 

Do you have more questions around choosing the right air and surface sanitiser/sanitiser for your venue? You may have come across air purifiers while researching the most effective system for your restaurant. To learn whether an air sanitiser/sanitiser or an air purifier is safer for your venue, take a look at our recent article here

The HyGenikx range of air and surface sanitisers/sanitisers are at the forefront of foodservice hygiene equipment. Our models are designed to suit every application in the foodservice industry–– from the kitchen to front-of-house. Our products are safe, environmentally friendly and specially designed to protect your environment around the clock. Learn more about the industry-trusted HyGenikx range here.

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