Why HyGenikx is an effective and eco-friendly alternative to open windows

The emergence of new coronavirus variants always brings air quality back into the spotlight. Masks are put back on and people are reminded to open windows. This is because we now know the risks of airborne transmission.  If an infected person talks, coughs, or even just breathes, aerosols laden with virus are released and can stay suspended in the air for hours. The levels of virus in the air can build, especially indoors, where areas are poorly ventilated—and this poses a risk to everyone else in a room.

Should you open windows?

It is well known that viruses spread more easily in winter, as people spend more time indoors, with less airflow. But what does this mean for your restaurant, pub, or bar? Should you keep windows and doors open? As scientists point out, a major reason air quality has been neglected in most buildings, is the monetary and environmental costs associated with installing ventilation systems, and their ongoing maintenance. Most buildings are not designed to bring in fresh outside air in this way, which is why there is an emphasis on opening windows.

Opening doors and windows does improve ventilation and help remove viruses in the air. But it is fraught with difficulties. Freezing customers and high heating bills – it’s a sure-fire way to upset your patrons. It brings its own environmental concerns, and, how clean even is the air you are bringing in? Let’s be honest, it is neither practical nor sustainable.

The good news is there are other ways to improve air quality. And you don’t need to choose between protecting people’s health and protecting the planet. The latest innovations do both.

HyGenikx Air and surface sanitisers

Air and surface sanitisers target airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants using a combination of technologies, effectively sanitising the air. As well as sanitising the air and surface, some air sanitisers also help eradicate unpleasant odours. Many venues recommend Mechline’s HyGenikx range. For decades UV light has been used to destroy germs, like coronaviruses. HyGenikx uses this with other technologies to produce a cleaning air. This disrupts viruses, so they can no longer function or reproduce. For more detail on HyGenikx technology and test data visit: www.mechline.com/hgx

What are the benefits of HyGenikx?

It helps foodservice environments tackle dangerous airborne particles.

The installation of HyGenikx air and surface sanitisers has helped many foodservice environments tackle dangerous airborne particles. HyGenikx is a plug and play system that quietly helps keep staff, customers, food, and surfaces protected from viruses and bacteria, even in the hardest to reach areas. It has undergone thorough testing for infection control and cross contamination and most recently has been tested against coronavirus (see next section).

The units are installed in many places, such as restaurants, pubs, care homes, and hotels. Here, the experience of customers has supported what we’ve seen in the labs.

“We have four HyGenikx units front of house, two in the kitchen and one in each toilet, to help protect all areas, staff and customers, and so far, our staff have reported no viral illnesses. Our air is permanently cleansed, and, without question, HyGenikx has helped us maintain a healthy work environment. We have also noticed that ingredients are lasting longer.”  James Wilson, Managing Director at Kauai UK

“I would thoroughly recommend HyGenikx units to other hospitality industries throughout the country, as we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of using HyGenikx since day one – from nullifying odours, to extending the lifespan of produce and ultimately for the reassurance of the guests – it’s such a great benefit for us.”  Ben Smithson, Operations Director for Aqua Restaurants

“HyGenikx has proven what it can do for us – keeping the air and surfaces clean, pure and fresh, controlling odours and providing extra reassurance for customers so they can relax and enjoy their meal knowing that we are leaving nothing to chance to make our restaurant Covid-secure.” Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL, Owner of Café Spice Namasté

It has been tested and proven against airborne coronaviruses

Lab tests carried out by Campden BRI show that HyGenikx is effective at removing airborne Coronaviruses, which includes SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. The results proved that the air and surface sanitiser removed 99.99% [4 log] of an airborne COVID-19 surrogate in under 3 hours.

Nick Falco, Product & Technical Director at Mechline, explains how the trials worked: “Trials were conducted within the Campden BRI aerobiology laboratory to determine the efficacy of HyGenikx towards airborne Phi6 – a recognised SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19). Phi6 was nebulised into an aerobiology test chamber to represent heavily contaminated air. Air samples were then taken every 20 minutes for a period of 3 hours, to determine levels of Phi6.”

These results, we believe, are an industry first. Which makes HyGenikx the most effective product of this type on the market.

Models are available for a wide range of sanitisation applications.

HyGenikx was designed and launched before the pandemic, exclusively for foodservice areas. Since then, the range has developed and expanded. There are 22 HyGenikx models, which cover a wide range of sanitisation applications. This includes front of house, food areas, washrooms, offices and waiting rooms, to name a few. Each range is tailored. For example, the ‘F’ range is ideal for food and storage areas. It has no moving parts and a shatterproof food lamp. The ‘AF’ range is fan assisted to deliver clean air across larger spaces (from 25 to 100sqm).

It is easy to install, operate and maintain

As a tried and tested technology, HyGenikx has a huge role to play in controlling infections – in fact HyGenikx is the most rigorously tested unit of its type on the market. Affordable and easy to install, HyGenikx is a plug and play solution for a challenging world.

HyGenikx units consume very little energy and operate quietly and efficiently 24/7 without the need for human intervention. The HyGenikx range has models to suit every business from restaurants to bars, hotels, care homes and offices – with specialised units available for food preparation areas, cold rooms, washrooms and refuse areas.

To help you choose the right HyGenikx for your needs – you can use the Selector Tool. Just follow the steps and the selector will recommend a unit(s). We’re always on hand if you need further guidance. www.hygenikxselector.com



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