“We had history of sewer blockage issues caused from FOG emanating from our pub kitchen. A traditional grease trap had been fitted but proved ineffective in eradicating blockages.

‘We [then] worked with Mechline and our water company to fit two GreasePak systems to the two drains from our kitchen. (…)
Over the last year we have not had any blockages, the water company are happy with the results, the kitchen team are happy too, which means as a business owner… I am very happy.

“The main benefits of GreasePak from a practical perspective was that the kitchen staff had very little to do, just simply replace a cartridge every couple of weeks when the warning sound activated. No un-popular dirty cleaning jobs or waste fat disposal that are associated with traditional grease traps. The cost of running a GreasePak system is very minimal when considering the time saved in maintenance of a traditional system or jetting drains and sewers.”