“Clay’s have a front-of-house kitchen, which immediately is high risk. We therefore installed a HyGenikx unit there to support clean air movement and make sure that the environment is as safe as possible. Because of the design of the unit, it actually offers a little bit of comfort for the customers because they see that nice little first aid green cross and it reminds them that they’re in a safe place.

“Cellars are always a problem area. Traditionally these colder areas are known to emit a multitude of different smells as you enter them, but thanks to the HyGenikx there is no creeping black mould or that horrible beer smell. It’s non-existent. Everything just smells as fresh and clean as the restaurant itself.

“We recently partitioned the cellar and created a new prep and room back of house. Because there’s limited air movement in there, it was very appropriate to have a HyGenikx air sanitiser unit in there also. This unit not only helps with the movement of air, but also has provided the additional benefit of keeping their fresh fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, thereby helping to eradicate food waste.

“We always try to get HyGenikx units included within a design as not only does it promote good hygiene, but its ability to remove odours and to prolong the lifetime of fresh fruit and vegetables means it pays for itself over and over again. The clients always see the benefits very, very quickly.”