“We used to manually hand-wash everything in our pot wash sink and this meant manually dealing with fat blockages too. As we started to do hog roasts outside, and due to the nature of our business in general, we started to get more and more issues. It was when we decided to upgrade to a dish wash machine that we realised we needed a proper grease management system in place.

“We were recommended GreasePak by our dishwasher guys CDS. We have been using them for many years and trusted their judgement. When we explained our issues, they advised us that GreasePak was very effective and, importantly for us, easy to operate.

“We haven’t had any issues since GreasePak has been here and it’s been here for about ten years. It keeps us free from blockages and is very simple to use – it has to be, we are butchers for goodness sake!”