The potential for water saving within a commercial kitchen starts with the fitting of the correct equipment. Mechline offers water saving options across our product ranges which can make a significant difference to water consumption and cost.

Mechline offers:

  • AquaJet Pre rinse sprays – opt for a water saving gun attachment
  • AquaTechnix free water saving face plate on pre-rinse spray gun/heads
  • AquaTechnix Water saving diffusers – on basin and sink taps
  • Electronic taps – timed water supply, no taps can be left running
  • Hands-free basins – knee-valve operation or push-front panel basins also offer a times water supply so cannot be left running

Lowering water consumption

For better control of water consumption, the flow rates of Delabie’s water controls are among the lowest in the world: 3 lpm for basins and 6 lpm for showers. Split delivery and automatic shut-off systems, remove the risk of waste through user’s negligence. The time flow on basin controls is set at 7 seconds. All Delabie solutions and systems ensure important water and energy savings, without altering the effectiveness of user comfort.



The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (or WRAS) is an organisation that aims to advise, promote and standardise best practice amongst everyone involved in the UK water industry.

To achieve WRAS approval or listing, the individual product or fitting must pass mechanical and water quality testing carried out independently by WRAS. In the case of Mechline products, this involves every component of a tap, faucet or pre-rinse (i.e. the base, hose, bowl filler, spout, riser tubes and gun are all tested).

WRAS states that ‘A water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply and must be of an appropriate quality and standard.’

A selection of our water products including AquaJet models, and the entire AquaTechnix range have received WRAS Approval (please take a look at the individual item in the catalogue, which will be listed with the WRAS Approved logo). If you require a copy of the WRAS certificate for a particular product please contact us, or take a look at the product listing directory on www.wras.co.uk.


BRE (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is an EU-wide recognised assessment and rating system of the sustainability of buildings. A scoring system is applied across environmental and sustainable considerations in the design, construction and management of buildings, and is used as an indicator of a BREAAM rating for the building as a whole.

We know that a growing number of clients incorporate a requirement for BREEAM within their specification and procurement processes. The recognition of the importance of environmental responsibility can of course be supported by the commercial kitchen environment. BREEAM is now assessed within non-domestic newly constructed buildings and the refurbishment and fit-out of existing buildings.

Kitchens by their very nature can be perceived as big energy users. A variety of BREEAM categories are applicable when it comes to kitchen equipment and the Mechline product range, including waste management, water consumption and efficiency.

By choosing Mechline products you have the opportunity to contribute to your project’s BREEAM rating. Mechline products can assist in demonstrating compliance to BREEAM ratings when installed and shown to be delivering environmental, comfort or health benefits.

BREEAM Water Efficiency

Wat 01 – Water Consumption.

BREEAM Aim: To reduce the consumption of potable water for sanitary use in new buildings from all sources through the use of water efficient components and water recycling systems.

Wat 04 – Water Efficient Equipment.

BREEAM Aim: To reduce unregulated water consumption by encouraging specification of water efficient equipment.

A selection of our water products have WRAS Approval (please take a look at the individual item in the catalogue, which will be identified with the WRAS Approved logo). Although BREEAM does not require equipment to be WRAS Approved, it is a guaranteed indicator that components of the equipment do not adversely affect water quality or cause water wastage.

Suggested product options for compliance:

Mechline offers Electronic Sensor Taps to accompany wash hand basins. The Delabie Tempomatic 3 offers a flow rate of 3 litres per minute, equivalent to water savings of up to 90%.

Our AquaJet range of pre-rinse sprays, when fitted with a Fan Blade Gun, or an ECO Gun meet the litre per minute requirements of the BREEAM standard. As an example, the AJPR30 fitted with the optional EcO ‘Super’ Water-Saving Gun offers a 62% reduction in water usage.

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