“We worked closely with UCL and specialist catering space designers to ensure that the focus on sustainability and the environment ran through all aspects of the new catering facility – now the biggest and most modern on campus! With 324 seats, and the potential for a lot of food waste, the designers proposed the use of the Mechline Waste2O system as a solution for the most appropriate, practical, environmental and economic solution for any end-of-life food waste, having had very positive feedback from operators at other sites! It’s compact, has low energy consumption, is easy to use and experience has shown a good ROI in terms of cost savings to operators.

“There has been little change in the way we work since the introduction of Waste2O, so kitchen staff have found it very easy. We still, and always will, prioritize reducing food waste in the first place, but for the amount we do end up with Waste2O is a blessing. Staff just need to lift the lid, pop it in and it’s dealt with here onsite. We don’t have to store it, don’t have to arrange collection and it doesn’t smell!”