“When I first visited Starbucks Schiphol in 2017 they had two grease traps in place, which captured the grease well enough, but caused great inconvenience for staff. They needed to be emptied once a week and maintenance was a big concern. Nothing is worse than having to pay to have the grease trap drained or having to tolerate the foul odour that comes from a full grease trap. I suggested they try GreasePak as a solution to work alongside their traps, and to help improve their cleaning situation.

“Starbucks staff have been extremely happy since the installation of GreasePak two years ago – they have never looked back! The grease traps only require cleaning every two months now, not weekly like before, and this is much more manageable for staff and their busy operation. The lightweight, easily replaceable boxes are straightforward to use and perfectly compact for an airport concession with such limited kitchen space.”