The commercial kitchen and community room at The RH Academy training facility in Mansfield serves a dual function purpose. In the day, it is a dining room for the elite Mansfield Town football players, and in the evening, it becomes a café for other groups and events. The kitchen is in constant use and naturally produces some Fats, Oils, Grease and Starch (FOGS) discharge.

Here, Martin Vardy, Site Manager at The RH Academy, explains how the facility came to use Mechline’s BioCeptor to help control its FOGS, blockages, and unpleasant smells:

“We had a small grease trap under the kitchen sink, but it was useless. It caused horrendous smells, which spread through the building, and it had to be emptied daily. We also had some blockages. So, I did some research online looking for a better solution and that’s when I came across Mechline and BioCeptor. Mechline were very helpful and put me in touch with Aqua Mundus, their service partner, who helped us install a more suitable system. I sent videos and photos of our setup, and also explained how we use the kitchen on a daily basis. Aqua Mundus sent one of their engineers who did a site assessment and recommended we install BioCeptor under the sink. They installed this for us in October. BioCeptor has been brilliant! Aqua Mundus has just been in to do the first service, after 3 months, and will be back again in another 3 months’ time. The whole install and process has been easy and very simple. And most importantly – it’s reduced unpleasant odours enormously. BioCeptor is fab!”

“Another bolt-on that’s worked for us is Mechline’s Food Waste Strainer. The staff think it is great. The basket makes it so easy to remove food waste from the sink. It is much better than just the plug insert we used to have. It really helps us as the staff want to use it!”