“Although etc.venues had an existing grease management system within their current set up, it had been causing a number of problems, specifically around blockages, staff training issues and ultimately time commitments around daily cleaning. The fact that the monthly servicing costs had also increased meant that the operator wanted to explore other options.

“Whereas some models rely on daily cleaning from staff, BioCeptor is maintenance-free, apart from a monthly top-up of bio-fluid.  In simple terms, the BioCeptor separates the grease from the water and then the bacteria from the dosing unit breaks down the grease so that it cannot reform, unlike untreated grease, making it safe to pass through the drainage system. So, rather than incurring the cost and time of constantly being emptied by a waste management company, it simplifies the process, and means it can require a visit as little as every 4 to 5 months for a routine clean and service.

“We are seeing more and more landlords specifying the need for an effective grease management system to prevent fat, oil and grease from entering their drainage system. This demand means that should issues occur from an ineffective system, it is the tenant of the property that is to blame.

“I always recommend a BioCeptor unit as the number one go to. Direct customer feedback, previous experience of installing them and also their cost-effective nature means that there is nothing better. I was introduced to BioCeptor recently and now I understand the full ins and outs of the system, it is without doubt the best. It is a compact unit, can be easily installed and demands little of the staff’s time on a daily basis.

“Mechline has been very easy to work with. Extremely responsive, any issues are dealt with immediately and they are always on hand to answer questions.”