“The HyGenikx units were installed in our cold rooms and raw foods kitchen as well as our staff toilet to clean the atmosphere, reduce odours and keep an environment that is pure and free of bacteria and viruses. We have three cold rooms and had a HyGenikx unit in each. Before we closed the doors back in March, all the cold rooms were emptied and switched off. When I came back in June, I noticed that the door of one of these cold rooms had accidentally been shut. In normal circumstances this would have meant returning to a dank, stinking and fungus filled environment. However, when I opened the door fearing the worst, it was in a perfect condition – HyGenikx had been on throughout lockdown and has done a fantastic job, which has saved us time and meant that no damage has been done.

“HyGenikx has proven what it can do for us – keeping the air and surfaces clean, pure and fresh, controlling odours and providing extra reassurance for customers so they can relax and enjoy their meal knowing that we are leaving nothing to chance to make our restaurant Covid-secure. It is also noticeable that the fruit and vegetables in our cold room are staying fresher for longer thanks to the HyGenikx unit, which is great as we are committed to minimising food waste in our operation.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HyGenikx to other foodservice or hospitality businesses as it is the ideal complement to manual cleaning. It helps to protect customers and staff, extends the shelf life of fresh produce and provides additional reassurance so our industry can move forward with confidence and return to some kind of normal.”

Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL, Owner Café Spice Namasté