“Lockdown was a very challenging time for everyone, but I think it gave us a chance to really look at our operation; look at what we’ve done, and evaluate where we wanted to go. One of the priorities when we reopened was making Aqua premises covid-secure in order to protect both our customers and staff. As part of our research on the best way to do this, we came across the HyGenikx air and surface sanitisation system from Mechline which eradicates viruses and bacteria including Coronaviruses, whilst also controlling odours and prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce. The system in many ways appeared too good to be true as it also works 24/7 and we urgently installed HyGenikx units both front and back of house, starting off with the kitchen and toilet spaces, before moving on to install them in the main restaurant area, which has had a great benefit for us.

“We have the HyGenikx stickers up to ensure that our customers know we are working hard to ensure our environments are safe. In the world we are living in now, the role of the HyGenikx units has never been more important as it is helping to keep everyone safe from viruses and bacteria, so customers can feel comfortable and safe in these surroundings.

“We reviewed all other technologies as you do when looking to install a new system, but found fogging options were messy and didn’t suit our operation. The HyGenikx system sits quietly on the wall, is easy to install and for us, is perfect for our style of operation.

“I would thoroughly recommend HyGenikx units to other hospitality industries throughout the country, as we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of using HyGenikx since day one – from nullifying odours, to extending the lifespan of produce and ultimately for the reassurance of the guests – it’s such a great benefit for us.”