Mechline Launch Food Waste Reduction Programme


Reducing food waste to landfill and increasing profit for operators are the key drivers in Mechline’s new Food Waste Reduction Programme. Extensively researched and developed, this new package provides step by step help and guidance for food service operators, facilities & waste teams looking to significantly reduce food waste.

This exciting Food Waste Reduction Programme being launched on Mechline’s stand includes a giveaway pack incorporating a comprehensive brochure that delivers tips and ideas on how foodservice operators can substantially reduce food waste and reduce costs.

The Mechline Programme succinctly outlines a number of simple techniques that demonstrate how to reduce waste through a number of steps:

    • Measure food costs and amounts purchased;
    • Use Mechline tools to undertake a review of food waste;
    • Implement simple ideas that can prevent, reduce and show how to reuse food;
    • Effectively engage with staff when buy-in and support is required for waste prevention;
    • Find out how Mechline products and services can benefit end of life kitchen food waste in line with circular economy principles.

All businesses need to manage waste in line with the European Waste Framework Directive’s Waste Hierarchy and Mechline has taken the principles of the waste hierarchy further by developing a concept that highlights how to manage end of life food waste in a circular way including the Food Waste Reduction Programme showing how to prevent end of life food waste and reducing the amount going to landfill.

The Mechline solution begins with Prevention, Reduction and Reuse followed where necessary with Redistribution, Recycle and Reprocess.

Part of this circular programme to reducing food waste to landfill is Mechline’s flagship Waste²O end-of-life food waste bio-digester which is being showcased on the stand together with the popular GreasePak bio-enzymatic commercial kitchen drain system that effectively combats the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG).

The company’s Waste²O food waste bio-digester has the capacity to efficiently dispose of up to 180kg of soft, organic food waste, converting to water in under 24 hours, and directly addresses the issues of ever-increasing transport and disposal costs by using bio-remediation technology to eliminate food solids safely on-site. The safe disposal of the waste water to drain allows local water treatment plants to reclaim the water and return it to the environment.

The bacteria used in the system is regarded as safe worldwide. There are no harmful effects to drains or sewage systems. In effect, the formulation boosts the population of helpful bacteria in the system and could actually be beneficial further downstream.

“Mechline’s Waste²O allows operations to responsibly and economically dispose of their food waste with little impact on the environment,” says Mechline’s Business Development Director, Ian Cresswell. He continues, “Rising transport and waste processing costs along with Government moves toward a reduction of waste to landfill means that food operations are looking long and hard at what they can do to revisit the waste hierarchy in order to comply with legislation and importantly reduce operating costs.”

The GreasePak bio-enzymatic system on show is a compact, easy-to-fit, effective solution that combats any build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in kitchen drains relying on the proven science of bio-remediation to support customers in meeting building regulation requirements and is the only system to achieve BBA accreditation. The simple dosing system introduces a hygienic and highly effective, multi-strain bio-fluid into the drains, which helps keep them free from blockage and the associated risk of back flow which could significantly affect a food service operation.

Mechline personnel will be available throughout Waste Works to introduce visitors to its Food Waste Reduction programme and to offer practical help and advice on food waste management. For more information please contact the company direct on 01908 261511, alternatively visit


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