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Drains Maintenance Systems

All commercial kitchens produce Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG), which needs to be managed correctly. If left unchecked, FOG discharge can lead to sewer blockages, and operators can be held responsible. Thankfully there is a range of effective Drains Maintenance Systems specifically designed to prevent the build-up of FOG in foodservice operations - it's just about finding the best solution to suit each establishment.

A site evaluation should always identify the most suitable solution and whether one or more applications may be required. We offer a range of Drains Maintenance Systems to suit all commercial kitchen needs. Choose from a standalone GreasePak or combined BioCeptor system.


Spare Parts & Accessories


Food Waste Digester

It is more important than ever for foodservice businesses to take action to reduce end-of-life food waste wherever possible. A food waste digester can play a role in helping you reduce and manage food waste in a resourceful and efficient way, as part of a food waste reduction programme. The Waste2O food waste digester uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to digest up to 180kg of end-of-life food waste in 24 hours, converting it to safe to discharge waste water for treatment at water treatment plants.


Sink Waste Strainer

A unique sink waste strainer system designed and manufactured by Mechline to make it easier for kitchen staff to prevent food waste particles from entering the drainage system via the sink drain boss.


Air & Surface Steriliser

Hygiene and safety are the top priority for foodservice venues and every step needs to be taken to protect customers and staff from the risks of infection. An air and surface sanitiser is a necessary investment as it can significantly improve hygiene standards to levels impossible to achieve with standard cleaning alone, by targeting viruses and bacteria, stopping their spread and minimising the risks of cross contamination.

We offer the HyGenikx air and surface sanitiser range designed specifically for foodservice venues. With models to suit all applications, from food preparation areas, cold rooms and front of house to washrooms, refuse areas and beyond.