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A highly effective solution for flying insect control within food service operations.

The MOEL adhesive board system is an alternative to electric grid models. The system allows you to control and eliminate all flying insects in the surrounding environment up to a range of 150 Sq M. The high performance UV light is irresistible to flying insects and once attracted remain trapped on the adhesive board which is produced with harmless substances and is HACCP compliant.


The electrical parts of the appliance, including the two UV-A lamps, remain completely isolated and protected by an unbreakable transparent cover to guarantee safety and hygienic standards. Perfect for the food and catering industry.


Highly Effective

Flying insects are attracted by the two high performance UV-A lamps and remain stuck to the glue board.



UV-A lamps are shielded by a transparent, easy to clean Plexiglass (PMMA) cover. Preventing any possible contamination nearby the appliance if the lamp was to break.


Adhesive Board

Ideal for areas where food is prepared as lack of electric grids eliminates scattering body parts; plus no humming or zapping sounds – HACCP compliant.