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  Electronic Taps & Hands-Free Hardware for the    ultimate in Safety & Hygiene.

The Delabie range offers superior quality taps that focus on hygienic benefits through various hands-free options. Superior endurance, ergonomic design, total safety, hygiene and infection control along with water saving benefits to end users.

Good hand-washing & water-saving habits can be encouraged with the right equipment, such as Delabie’s hands-free products. Fit any Delabie hands-free product to a basin of your choice to create hands-free wash stations to promote hygiene and immediately enjoy all the benefits.


Water Saving

With Delabie electronic hands-free taps you could enjoy up to 90% water savings! – approx. £1300 pa. based on standard foodservice operations.


Improve Hygiene

Hands-free use significantly reduces cross-contamination and risk from germs and bacteria to improve health and safety.


Beat Bacteria Build-Up

With a smooth spout interior, low volume of standing water and an anti-bacterial duty flush. These taps are built to significantly reduce the risk of bacterial development.