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BioBrick is a controlled release system containing a specially selected blend of non-toxic natural microbes which digest oils, fats, grease and other organic matter in wet wells, grease traps and other low oxygen situations.


HOW IT WORKS… The bacteria in the BioBrick forms a biofilm which is continually replaced and produces a continuous and renewable supply of highly active enzymes for fat and grease degradation. This biofilm adheres to the drainage system walls and is highly resistant to cleaning fluids and disinfectants, thus providing a longer lasting protection than enzyme or caustic products, which have minimal contact time.


Product Key Features

  • Safe and Stable blend of Bacillus spores.
  • Aerobic and facultative anaerobic strains with a fast growth rate.
  • Ability to work under a great range of conditions – low and high temperature, low and high pH, aerobic and anaerobic conditions, low-nutrient conditions, salinity, etc.
  • Production of extra-cellular enzymes providing a wide range of degradation capabilities including fats, oils and grease, short and long chain fatty acids, cellulose, protein and starch.

THE BENEFITS of regular application are:

  • Fat digestion • Improved flow
  • Eliminate blockages
  • Effective odour reduction
  • Complete digestion of solids
  • Reduction of pump use and wear
  • Significant reduction in BOD level



Usage Instructions

BioBricks should be used as directed by the Consultant. However, if the brick is to be used in a lifting station the brick should be suspended at a midway point between the high and low points in the pumping cycle. If the brick is to be used to keep drain lines clear, it should be placed in a position so that all the waste passes over it.



Dependant on application, the large BioBrick should last approximately 3 months and the small BioBrick should last approximately 1 month each.



Health and Safety

There is a risk of serious damage to the eyes. Avoid contact with eyes and in case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice. The product is harmful if swallowed. Avoid ingestion and contact with drinking water or foodstuffs. Product contains naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacterial cultures and is not harmful to the environment. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.