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QuickLink is the world's first mobility system for sinks and dishtabling. Safely and quickly disconnect from services allowing easy access behind normally fixed equipment where food spillage, dirt and debris build up.


How it works:
It's as easy as A-B-Clean!
Mobile equipment is connected to QuickLink.

B. With a lift of the QuickLink levers, equipment is safely disconnected from services and equipment can be moved from it's location.
C. Easily pull equipment from services and enjoy the full benefit of throughly cleaning and reaching more areas of your kitchen. 

Operational Benefits:
QuickLink systems allow the caterer, by means of a lever mechanism, to simply pull the lever to disconnect the services so that the "host" unit will be free to be moved. The re-connection of the "host" unit to the mains services is just as simple, using a guide system, and the same lever mechanism.
The Quicklink system relocates to the exact position as orginally installed. Upon engagement, the equipment is securley fixed to the wall box, and together with adjustable wall buffers & lockable castors, the unit will remain secure.

Freely, instantly and safely access equipment at any time. Cleaning duties can be carried out as a daily or weekly routine and without the need of an engineer in attendance - ensuring that the requirements of "due diligence" are met.

If equipment needs servicing then easy access gives engineers quick access - saving time on site; therefore saving money. No need for specialist contractors to carry out the chemical cleaning, thus saving considerable operational costs, disruption to catering facilities and reducing the use of chemicals in kitchens.

Image 1. Shown: QuickLink Wallplate and Standard Drain Kit. Insert: Wallplate levers in motion to demonstrate operation.
Image 2. Shown: QuickLink installed with sink moved from wall and disconnected from services.

The QuicKLink systems allow equipment, normally restricted in movement through mechanical services connections, to be totally and safely mobilised through the innovative quick disconnect system. Thus, items such as Sinks, Dishwash Systems, waste Disposal Units and beverage units can now be successfully mobilised quickly and simply, without the caterer needing the assistance of any special tools or the attendance of an engineer.

Used by many major organisations: catering management, catering designers and environmental health officers as a true advancement in the catering equipment market to ensure compliance with legislation and hygiene codes of practice and to maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Can contribute to:

  • Reducing/eliminating the requirement for specialist cleaning contractors or engineers
  • Reducing caterers'/engineers' time to disconnect and move equipment
  • Reducing downtime of equipment in operation
  • Reducing maintenance costs in personnel, chemicals, materials and time
  • Reducing equipment installation time
  • Reducing requirement of out-of-hours engineering/maintenance
  • Reducing potential equipment damage through regular maintenance and servicing
  • Maximising resources through better utilisation of existing staff's time and skills
  • Providing protection to building fabric and mechanical services
  • Avoiding the collection of dirt, debris, liquid spillages etc. behind equipment, which may lead to potential health hazards