BaSix WS3-NT

BaSix WS3 Hand Wash Station. Battery-operated, Hands-Free mechanical operation. Includes Delabie Tempomatic 3 tap, M-MX91 manual mixer, water hose & tap hole stopper

Dimensions: O/D: 300 x 320 x 195mm Bowl: 260 dia x 150mm deep

  • Brand: BaSix
  • Model Range: WS3
  • Tap Type: Tempomatic 3
  • Accreditation: WRAS

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  • Range of hygienic hand washing solutions.
  • Helps operations meet their requirement to provide hand-washing stations on site.
  • Good and safe habits are more easily followed and enforced.• 90% water saving with a Delabie hands free tap.


The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (or WRAS) is an organisation that aims to advise, promote and standardise best practice amongst everyone involved in the UK water industry.

To achieve WRAS approval or listing, the individual product or fitting must pass mechanical and water quality testing carried out independently by WRAS.

WRAS states that ‘A water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply and must be of an appropriate quality and standard.‘