Dormont 2650BPQ362S

Dormont 1000mm BRAIDED Gas Hose. "BPQ" + Quick Disconnect Coupling + 2 SwivelMAX + Straight Restraining Cable with mounting hardware.
  • Brand: Dormont
  • Model Range: SwivelMAX
  • Connections: 1/2-inch
  • Hose Type: Braided Gas Hose
  • Hose Length: 1000mm
  • Accreditation: BSi (Kitemark)

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  • Kitemark License #KM39643
  • Certified to BS 669-2: 1997
  • Worldwide accreditation
The only hose that carries the BSI kitemark that signifies ongoing quality testing rather than the BS669 Part 2 Certificate which purley signifies compliance of one sample on the orginal test date.

  • QD part of the hose should be at the supply end
  • Ensure that there is a natural, single loop - no sharp bends, crimps or twists in the hose - to avoid fatigue
  • Do not allow hose to drag on the floor
  • The restrainer should be slightly shorter than the the length of the gas hose to avoid over-extending the hose - do not attach restrainer to gas supply pipes, gas hose or any point of insufficiently anchored
SwivelMAX provides unique multi-plane rotational movement to increase aisle space in the kitchen; decreases stress on the hose and therby increase the service of life on the hose. Maximise performance, mobility, space & safety. Can be fitted to standard or braided gas hoses as part of the orginal assembly. Cannot be retro-fitted.