Dormont 2650BPQ361SCF

Dormont 1000mm BRAIDED Gas Hose. "BPQ" + Safety Quik + 1 SwivelMAX + Straight Restraining Cable with mounting hardware
  • Brand: Dormont
  • Model Range: Safety Quik
  • Connections: 1/2-inch
  • Hose Type: Braided Gas Hose
  • Hose Length: 1000mm
  • Accreditation: BSi (Kitemark)

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  • Kitemark License #KM39643
  • Certified to BS 669-2: 1997
  • Worldwide accreditation
The only hose that carries the BSI kitemark that signifies ongoing quality testing rather than the BS669 Part 2 Certificate which purley signifies compliance of one sample on the orginal test date.

  • QD part of the hose should be at the supply end
  • Ensure that there is a natural, single loop - no sharp bends, crimps or twists in the hose - to avoid fatigue
  • Do not allow hose to drag on the floor
  • The restrainer should be slightly shorter than the the length of the gas hose to avoid over-extending the hose - do not attach restrainer to gas supply pipes, gas hose or any point of insufficiently anchored

With Safety Quik the hose can only be disconnected when the valve is turned to the OFF position. Gas flow is safely shut off with a simple, one-handed action. Likewise, the valve cannot be opened until the gas hose is correctly re-attached. Thermal shut-off safety feature stops the flow of gas when internal temperatures exceed 170°C (350°F).