For product specific datasheets, instructions and CAD files please go to the individual product pages within the website, where you will be able to download the files.

Below you will find the links to the Mechline full catalogue, the individual product sections and BIM files. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact or call us on 01908 261511.

Full Mechline Catalogue Download
Full Mechline product Catalogue PDF

Catalogue by Section Downloads

WATER Section 1 - Pre-Rinse Sprays
WATER Section 2 - Taps, Facuets & Spouts
WATER Section 3 - Electronic, Hands Free Taps & Accessories
WATER Section 4 - Hand Wash Stations
WATER Section 5 - Water Hoses & Accesories
WATER Section 6 - Mobilisation Systems for Sinks & Dishtabling
GAS Section 1 - Dormont Gas Hoses, Connections & Accesories
GAS Section 2 - Gas Safety Devices

BIM Product Files

AquaTechnix Basin Taps- BIM
AquaTechnix Faucets - BIM
AquaTechnix Pre-Rinse - BIM

AquaJet - Pre-Rinse - BIM
AquaJet - Taps - BIM

Flykillers - BIM
Gas Connections & Accessories - BIM
GreasePak - BIM
QuickLink - BIM
Basix - Sinks - BIM
Waste2o- BIM