AquaTechnix TX-PR-10D-SH-BF0

AquaTechnix Pre-Rinse Spray. DOME head operated TX-PR-10D base / SHORT height / No bowl filler H: 745mm

  • Brand: AquaTechnix
  • Base: TX-PR-10D
  • Model Range: TX-10
  • Height: Short
  • Bowl Filler: No bowl filling tap
  • Pedestal: Single
  • Mount: Deck Mounted
  • Water Feed: Single Monobloc
  • Controls: Dome
  • Connections: 1/2-inch
  • Accreditation: WRAS

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Features & Benefits
  • Ergonomic in design and functionality.
  • PosiStop™ patented built-in stopping device which prevents the lever or handle from being turned or knocked too far and transferring stress to the tap valve.
  • Modern, hygienic and practical design comes pre-assembled ready to install.
  • All assembled models are factory tested up to 6 bar for quality assurance.
  • Complete interchangeability between all bodies, spouts and pre-rinses means that product use can easily be changed on site at a later date.
  • Heavy-duty construction incorporating high quality tested and proven components for commercial use.
  • Choice of height and bowl filler available.

Technical Info

  • Connection: 1/2-inch
  • Tap hole Ø 25mm
  • Height: 745mm
  • Recommended static water pressure range: 1.5 - 5 bar

Flow rates for all TX-PR-10 models - tested at 3 bar pressure:

SPRAY GUN WATER-SAVING face plate: 4.11 l/m.

SPRAY GUN STANDARD face plate: 10.33 l/m.

BOWL FILLER WATER-SAVING diffuser: 3.82 l/m.

BOWL FILLER STANDARD diffuser: 10.33 l/m.

Water-saving diffuser for bowl filler available on request.