Sub Categories

  • Water


    Mechline lead the way in the manufacturing and supplying of pre-rinses, taps including hands free taps, handwash basins, water hose connections and even mobile kitchen systems for the food services industry.

    We’re dedicated to making life easier for our customers. In addition to an on-going programme of research and development, we constantly and diligently test all our products before dispatch and actively seek accreditation from industry bodies such as BSi (Kitemark), BBA, WRc and WRAS. Please see the individual product for the specific accreditation.

  • Gas


    Mechline Dormont gas hoses are of the highest quality with ease of use, reliability and safety built-in.

    You can "Fit & Forget" saving time and money and preserving your reputation by using "the most trusted name is gas hoses" designed with safety and long life in mind.

    Why compromise on gas safety for the sake of cutting costs?

    Mechline supply a range of gas interlocks (GIS units) which are mandatory for most commercial kitchens and require a number of components.

  • Environment


    Mechline's GreasePak Biological Drain Maintenance System is a simple and effective solution to prevent slow and blocked drains.

    Mechline is also the manufacturer and holder of the trademark patenets for the Waste2OTM food waste bio-digester. It digests up to 180kg of organic food waste and converts into waste water over a 24-hour period. 

  • Pest Control


    Mechline's Electric Grid CaterZap fly killers use energy saving, long-life bulbs that are eco-friendly & super efficient - using 30% less energy than typical UV lamps.