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CaterGuard "Advanced" gas interlocks save time on installations and can reduce the amount of accessories you need to purchase. Dedicated technical helpline service. Helpful, simple operation instructions provided on the fascia of the unit. Solenoids, gas proving systems, fan power sensors an other accessories are also part of the range

  • Gas Interlock System - with NO override (Stainless steel panel)

  • Standard GIS System with back pressure feature & additional connection for Remote Emergency Cut-Off Switch. Large box for easier wiring.

  • Same as M-G02 but with Interlock panel + builtin Emergency Knock-Off Switch

  • With a built-in Emergency Knock Off Switch (requires 4 sensors, sold separately)*IMPORTANT NOTE: The M-G03R model will need 4 sensors to operate correctly on two fan systems. Choose between M-ADS20 or M-FPS sensors - sold separately. If you have any questions, please contact Mechline’s Technical Department or contact 01324 829922, an independent...

  • Advanced GIS system includes Interlock panel, Emergency Cut-Off Switch & Fan Power Sensors (no fan speed controllers)