Mechline's GreasePak Biological Drain Maintenance System is a simple and effective solution to prevent slow and blocked drains.

Mechline is also the manufacturer and holder of the trademark patenets for the Waste2OTM food waste bio-digester. It digests up to 180kg of organic food waste and converts into waste water over a 24-hour period. 

Sub Categories

  • Food Waste Bio - Digesters


    Waste2O - Mechline's food waste bio-digester. Visit www.waste2-0.com to find out more.

  • Drain Maintenance Systems


    GreasePak - A unique, automatic drain dosing system specially designed to the address the drainage problems found in commercial kitchens. Preventing the build up of fats, oils and grease. BBA-approved.

    BioBrick - A specially selected blend of non-toxic natural microbes which digest oils, fats, grease and other organic matter in wet wells, grease traps and other low oxygen situations.

  • BioCeptor is a combined technology approach to drain maintenance. The advanced drain maintenance system includes Mechline’s unique proven GreasePaK Biological treatment solution with the a new interception and retention chamber designed to maximise the retention and management of fats, oils and grease (FOG) onsite and introduce effective treatment.