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Mechline pledges support for Gas Safety Week 2017

Gas Safety Week returns this week (18-24th September 2017) and Mechline Developments has again pledged its support, in order to raise awareness of gas safety and remind the foodservice and hospitality industry of their responsibility to keep staff and customers safe from the dangers posed by gas appliances. Gas Safety week provides a platform forRead More

Is the food service industry wrongly getting the blame for the ‘MONSTER FATBERG’?

‘MONSTER FATBERG’ is the latest in a plethora of fatberg related news to hit the headlines after last week’s discovery of a 250-metre, 130 tonne fatberg blocking a sewer in Whitechapel! Weighing in at the same as 11 double-decker buses and measuring longer than Tower Bridge – it really is a monstrous case. Despite callsRead More

“A shot of faeces in your coffee, Madam?” Reiterating the far-reaching consequences of poor hygiene practise

Summer is here and for many this means long weekends of exploration, to new regions, of new traditions and, of course, new cuisine. You visit somewhere different, immerse yourself in the local culture… and then head to that familiar coffee shop chain for your trusted Iced Macchiato— “the safe option” right!? Or so you likeRead More

We’re on the move!

We wanted to let you know that we are on the move to a new location. But not to worry, we aren’t going far—8 miles to be exact! Those of you that have visited our site in recent years will have seen how our operations have expanded, extending into the neighbouring unit and another unitRead More

Mechline face the elements in a “Tour de Force” for Hospitality Action

Team Mechline, otherwise known as the Hairy Test Cycles, comprising of Peter Galliford, Andy Coulthard, Nick Howe of Court Catering, Will Pitt of Stainless Supplies and Karl Stuckey of Nature First, completed the Hospitality Action Sportive 102 Mile Charity bike ride on Monday 5th June, raising very valued funds for the industry charity. What wasRead More

Mechline Response to EFRA Report

BYPASSING BEST PRACTISE: EFRA HIGHLIGHTS THE NEED TO OBSERVE THE FOOD WASTE HIERARCHY The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee have issued their latest report on food waste in England, which raises notable concerns regarding the distortion of the food waste marketplace through government incentives and the avoidance of waste hierarchy principles. This reportRead More

Mechline staff volunteer to help out at the local food bank

Mechline staff were out in force yesterday supporting Milton Keynes local food bank branch. Food is certainly close to Mechline Developments heart as a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the food services and environmental industry. The volunteers needed to be wrapped up warm as they spent the day in the warehouse sorting donations intoRead More

New report calls for bio-digestion technologies to be exempted from maceration restrictions in UK devolved administrations

New evidence has prompted sustainability consultancy Ricardo AEA to call for aerobic, on-site bio-digesters used in the commercial foodservice sector to be exempted from any maceration restrictions in UK devolved administrations.   The study – Multi Criteria Analysis of commercial food waste systems –determines that on site bio-digestion technologies are plainly dissimilar to maceration systemsRead More

AquaTechnix is a winner!

FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT OF THE YEAR 2016: ‘Value & Usability’ category winner. From spring all the way through to winter, the calendar has been populated by the introduction of new kit designed to make life easier, safer, faster and more profitable for operators. FEJ invited the industry to submit its nominations for the top equipment rolledRead More

Christmas Support From Mechline

At Mechline we don’t purchase and post out Christmas cards, bah humbug! The reason being Mechline support, and are involved with local and national good causes and encourage employees to give their time, effort and skills to enhance the lives of others. We prefer to send what we might spend to charity. This Christmas weRead More