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Dormont by Mechline : Delivering Gas Hose Safety

DELIVERING GAS HOSE SAFETY  As Gas Safety week gets under way (15 – 21 September), it is a timely prompt for caterers to check out the gas hose provision in their kitchens. It is not over egging the pudding to stress that the most awful consequences lie in wait for operators who fail to installRead More

Mechline’s GreasePak: Helping Hoteliers Keep Kitchen Drains Flowing Free

HELPING HOTELIERS KEEP KITCHEN DRAINS FLOWING FREE   In the rarefied world of boutique hotels, style, service and cleanliness are paramount, and equally so behind the scenes in the hotel kitchens.  With a whirlwind of gourmet creativity, it is critical that kitchen drains are clean, odour-free and free-flowing, and essentially not a distraction to theRead More

Mechline Pedal Power For ABF – Soldiers’ Charity

SOLDIERS CHARITY RAISES IMPRESSIVE £10,000  Putting their muscles through their paces, once again Mechline staff jumped on their bikes, or donned marshal togs, all in support of the ABF – Soldiers Charity. The company, in the year of the charity’s 70th birthday, raised an astounding £10,000 which will go towards helping ABF give lifetime supportRead More

EFRA Report Mechline Reaction

GOOD NEWS FOR THE FOOD SERVICES & HOSPITALITY TRADE  It’s potentially very good news for the foodservice and hospitality industry after publication of the recommendations of the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee’s report into waste management in England in late October. According to WRAP the total amount of waste, including food, packaging andRead More