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GreasePaK: Keeps drains clean and odour free. A simple and effective solution to an age-old problem.

GreasePaK BBA certificate 11/4827BBA Approved!  The BBA is the UK's major authority offering approval of construction products, systems and installers through independent testing, factory and site inspections.   GreasePaK is the first Drain Maintenance System to earn BBA certification.  Click here for the document.

To refill, hang the "pre-packaged" fluid box & throw away the old one. For a drawing of the unit with dims in mm click here

"As local water authorities require greater standards in drain maintenance (and the fact that grease traps are not a very low maintenance option), we use the GreasePaK system.  It provides a neat, tidy, almost maintenance-free and more importantly very effective solution against FOG build up in the drains, using an environmemntally friendly formulation.  It's also affordable and easy drain maintenance."
Karl Marriott - Kent Catering Services (Bromley) Ltd

EASY-TO-USE:  User-friendly, bag-in-box GreasePaK MSGD5 fluid is lightweight and easy to handle. Simply hang replacement box into the wall-mounted GreasePaK module. It is simple to operate and refill. Site operators can easily change GreasePaK refills, so there is no need for engineers to attend and service.

Standard battery-powered GreasePaKs do not require a water or electrical connection. They can be installed in almost any location.

GreasePaK is available internationally.


4pp Leaflet
2pp leaflet
Fluid Data Sheet (MSDS / COSHH) 
Operation & Maintenance Instructions 
Box Connect Instructions 
Installation Instructions 
Location Advice 
Dosing Level Guidelines
CAD drawing


White Model
Silver Model
White GreasePaK module
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model reference:
Silver GreasePaK module
model reference:
model reference:

How it works

The GreasePaK DMi is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work only with GreasePaK MSGD5 fluid. GreasePaK MSGD5 is a highly active fluid, specially formulated to degrade fats and greases found in commercial kitchen drains. GreasePaK DMi is factory set to automatically deliver a medium dose of MSGD5 fluid into the drain at 1 am each night.instructions on how to change the factory settings are at the bottom of this page. Because MSGD5 fluid forms a microscopic lining on the drainage pipe work and is more effective the longer it is left undisturbed, this is best done when the kitchen operation is finished. For example, if the kitchen closes at 6pm each night, the DMi should be set to dose at 6.30 pm. The fluid can then work uninterrupted until the kitchen operation resumes and other fluids are flushed through the drainage system.


GreasePaK is a drain maintenance system, not a drain unblocking system,. If being fitted to existing drains, the drainage pipe work must be properly cleaned and pressure washed prior to installation. Failure to do this could result in dislodged fats and greases blocking the drainage system further downstream. GreasePaK cannot compensate for incorrectly sized or installed drainage pipe work.


Follow the location advice sheet supplied with each DMi. GreasePaK can be used to prevent grease build up at a particular point in the drainage system or in a drain line. It may therefore be necessary to install more than one GreasePaK DMi in a kitchen if multiple grease risk areas are identified. Avoid connecting the dosing point within 2 m of sources of heat or harsh chemicals within the drainage system such as dishwashers, combination ovens, waste disposal units, etc.

Changing the GreasePaK MSGD5 fluid pack

On the medium factory setting each 5l fluid pack will last approximately 28 days. After this time, the fluid pack will require changing. There is an easy way to read fluid level indicator situated in the front cover of t he DMi. Contact information for replacement fluid is situated inside the DMi. GreasePaK MSGD5 fluid is supplied with a unique, easy to handle 5l fluid pack. Each fluid pack weighs 5.5 kg, and has an individual carrying handle that is alosused to hang the pack in the DMi. Each fluid pack is fitted with a simple non-spill co nnector. Full instructions on how to change the 5l fluid pack are printed on the front of each fluid pack. Each DMi is supplied with magnetic door catches and a key lock. If the key lock is to be used, keep the keys in a safe, easily accessible place.

GreasePaK Operation

GreasePaK MSGD5 is a highly active bio-enzymatic fluid. It is therefore not necessary to put bleach or harsh chemicals into the drainage system that GreasePaK is to maintain. To ensure best performance from the GreasePaK, do not introduce bleach or other harsh chemicals into the drainage system, as the effectiveness of the GreasePaK fluid will be compromised.

Cleaning the DMi unit

The DMi has been designed for easy cleaning. After changing the 5l fluid pack and as part of the kitchen cleaning program, carefully wipe the DMi using clean water and a disposable cloth. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals.

Changing the DMi battery pack

In order to allow the GreasePaK DMi to be situated in the mot appropriate location in the kitchen, it is battery operated. Mains powered version is available on request. The DMi has been designed to provide a minimum battery life of 12 months. As the battery life nears the end, the low battery light visible through the front cover will begin to flash red. Contact the number on the inside front for a replacement battery pack. Full installation instructions are provided with the battery pack.

Changing the factory settings

The DMi is factory set to deliver a medium dose of fluid at 1am each night. The delivery time and volume can be changed to suite the individual kitchen requirements. In kitchens where a high level of cooking and processing takes place, it is advisable to change the dosing volume to high or extra high. To change the factory settings after installation, remove the electronics cover and follow the instructions on the inside of the cover. Carefully replace the electronics cover after completion, taking care to position the low battery light.

GreasePaK Biological Drain Maintenance System is a simple and effective solution to prevent slow and blocked drains.

Easy to install and maintain, GreasePaK is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work with GreasePaK MSGD5 fluid, a highly concentrated active bio-enzymatic fluid specially formulated to degrade fats, oils and greases (FOGs) found in commercial kitchen drains. GreasePaK is cost effective and can be used either with a grease trap or as a standalone drain maintenance system to help operators meet regulations and maintain drains.

GreasePaK Dosing Modules

Product Code: DMi

Two models: Battery or mains powered. Wall-mounted, the dosing module delivers the ...

GreasePaK MSGD fluid (GP-MSGD5)

Bio-Enzymatic Dosing Fluid MSGD5

GreasePaK Documents

Useful documents to support GreasePaK

If you require further information, please contact us.


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