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NB: Product accreditation may not apply to all products in the relevant range. Also, dims shown in mm unless otherwise stated.  Information and numerical data has been prepared as a general guide to the products but intending buyers and users must satisfy themselves as to the suitability and safety of the products for their particular purposes and duties.  No responsibilities are assumed for errors herein.  The company reserves the right to alter designs and specification of the products without notice.  Please contact Mechline to confirm specs at time of ordering.  Thank you.

Wash Hand Stations, Fixtures, Fittings...

Mechline’s BaSiX range includes easy-to-install hand-wash basins, available with a variety of tap options.  Hands-free options are also available.  Soap dispensers, hand dryers, oven grids and bins are part of the offer, as well.

water saving products by  Mechline

Hand washing is the number one prevention against the spread of bacteria and pathogens. The Mechline BaSiX range of stainless steel basins helps operations meet their requirement to provide hand-washing stations for staff on site.  Made of durable 304-grade stainless steel, the basins can withstand the rigours of commercial kitchens.

Choose between hands-free or traditional stations, in a variety of sizes, to suit any application; and to complete any wash hand station, there is a selection of accessories, from soap dispensers to hand dryers.

Food Standards Agency

Survey of catering staff carried out by the Food Standards Agency shows that:

"More than a third of staff questioned were neglecting to wash their hands after visiting the lavatory!!"

Source: 2001 Food Standards Agency Consumer Attitudes to Food Survey.

Used with the kind permission of the Food Standards Agency.

Complete Hand-Wash Stations

All stations complete with basin, drain boss, choice of tap or hands-free control.

INNOVATIVE Polycarbonate WS1 Basin

The WS1 series, Mechline's innovative polycarbonate basin is available in WHITE or GREY. When ordering, be sure to write "white" next to the model number to ensure you receive the right basin, if white is your preference.

Made of an injection moulded, single-piece, high-grade polycarbonate ABS plastic, it's ergonomic, attractive, strong, durable and has no sharp edges. See the "durability test".

SaniTru® antimicrobial additive embedded in the basin material itself resists build up of mould, mildew and grime to provide a cleaner surface that's easier to clean and lasts the life of the product.

Manufactured by Mechline in the UK, the WS1 moulded hand basin is a brilliant innovation, saving time on installs for you, saving money for the customer and helping save the planet!

Compared with stainless steel basins selling at similar/higher prices, the WS1 is just as tough BUT easier to install and keep clean (pictured right, with optional splashback).


• Lower embedded energy costs

• Less energy to manufacture than stainless steel

• Less energy to transport

• Simple to recycle, unlike much of the stainless steel equipment currently on sale

• Great value for money!

Available with standard CaterTap basin taps or optionally, can be supplied with knee valve system or the Delabie Tempomatic 3 tap as a complete "hands-free" system that promotes hygiene and water savings of up to 80%.


  • WS1-X - with cross head taps
  • WS1-D - with dome head taps
  • WS1-L - with 3-in levers
  • WS1-KVS - fitted with knee valve
  • WS1-NT - fitted with Tempomatic 3 battery-operated, infrared tap Dims: O/D (mm) 355 x 320 x 195 Bowl: 255 x 278 x 100 deep

Optional Splashback, model: SPL-WS1

BE SURE to indicate what colour is preferred when ordering.

Models: WS2-WS6

Stainless steel (304) basins available with an assortment of traditional taps, electronic taps or hands-free hardware

WS2 Hand-Wash StationsWS4 Hand-Wash StationsWS6 Hand-Wash Stations
Water saving WS2 wash hand station by MechlineWater saving WS4 wash hand station by MechlineWater saving WS6 wash hand station by Mechline

Though more commonly fitted with conventional taps, consider fitting with knee valve for a complete "hands-free" system.

For hands-free convenience, can be fitted with knee valve or the Tempomatic 3 battery-operated tap. Conventional taps are an option as well.

Integral splashback and easy push-front panel for hands-free use or can be fitted with the Delabie Tempomatic 3.

WS3 Hand-Wash StationsOptional Extras
Water saving WS3 wash hand station by MechlineWater saving Basix range Optional Extras

Easy push-front panel for hands-free use or fit with a Delabie Tempomatic 3. Conventional taps also available.

Optional splashback panel can be ordered as an add-on.  

Choose from hand dryers;
soap dispensers-traditional and hands-free;
thermostatic mixing valves and spouts.


Fixtures & Fittings

Wall Shelves by MechlineWall Shelves

Sturdy, with width-adjustable wall brackets for easy installation. Easy to clean.




600 x 300 mm


900 x 300 mm


1200 x 300 mm


1500 x 300 mm


1800 x 300 mm


2000 x 300 mm

BSX-S5-600 (Microwave Shelf)

600 x 500 mm

Hygienic Stainless steel bins by MechineBins

Selection of easy-to-use stainless steel bins with foot-pedal operated lids for busy commercial kitchens. Choice of popular enclosed bins or waste bag holders.

a. Model BSX-BHL-110 - Dimensions: 475 (D) x 850 (H)
b. Model BSX-BHC-110 - Dimensions: 560 (XL) x 940 (H) x 435 (W)
c. Available in two sizes:
Model BSX-PB-50 - 50-litres 390x600
Model BSX-PB-100 - 100-litres 475x720

Hygienic Soap Dispensers by MechlineSoap Dispensers

Basic push-button operation and hygienic "hands-free" units.

a. Model BSX-ASD - Soap Dispenser - Automatic
b. Model BSX-BSP - Soap Dispenser - Basic
c.  (not pictured) Model BSX-HSP - Hand-pump soap dispenser, fitted to basin or bench

Hygienic Gastronorm and Oven Grids by Mechline"Gastronorm" and Oven Grids

Durable stainless steel. Fits most cooker formats.

Sizes are:

Model BSX-GN1/1-2 - GN 1/1 - 2D5 20D2
Model BSX-GN1/1-3 - GN 1/1 - 1D6 20D3
Model BSX-GN2/1-3 - GN 2/1 - 3D7 20D3
Model BSX-OG64-2 - 600 x 400 2D529D2
Model BSX-OG64-3 - 600 x 400 3D529D2

Guaranteed against manufacturing defects (for parts only). Dimensions shown in mm unless otherwise stated. Information and numerical data has been prepared as a general guide to the products but intending buyers & users must satisfy themselves as to the suitability and safety of the products for their particular purposes & duties. No responsibilities are assumed for errors herein. The company reserves the right to alter designs and specifications of the products without notice.


CAD Drawings for these products are available. Please click here to access files.


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