Harvest Promo 2017

Mechline’s Harvest Hamper Giveaway!


We are now in the third week of our amazing Autumn Harvest Hamper Giveaway and we hope you feel as toasty as the marshmallows floating on top of a warm mug of hot chocolate.

Once again we will be giving away 10 of our hampers this week for you to fall in love with.

As you know each week we will be harvesting selected products from each of our solutions – Safety, Efficiency, Hygiene and Environment.

This week our products will be harvested from our Environment solutions such as our GreasePak Biological Drain Maintenance System.

All you have to do is find 3 out 5 selected products that we have hidden amongst the autumn leaves on our website.

Once you think you have found 3 products related to our Environment solutions email your answers to marketing@mechline.com

The closing date for this week’s entries is Friday 20th October. Winning entries will be selected the following week.

Good luck and hopefully you don’t come a cropper!