Mechline Dormont gas hoses are of the highest quality with ease of use, reliability and safety built-in.

You can “Fit & Forget” saving time and money and preserving your reputation by using “the most trusted name is gas hoses” designed with safety and long life in mind.

Why compromise on gas safety for the sake of cutting costs?

Mechline supply a range of gas interlocks (GIS units) which are mandatory for most commercial kitchens and require a number of components.

Ultimate safety, reliability & long term performance

Dormont hoses are of the highest quality and reliability with safety features built in

"Fit & Forget" saving time and money

The most trusted name in gas hoses

Gas Safety Devices & Accessories

Complies to UK legislation

Simple operation instructions on the fascia of the unit

Choose from a variety of models to find the best one for your application

Solenoids, gas proving systems, fan power sensors and other accessories are also part of the range