Case Studies

Aanval is de beste verdediging!
[The best defense is a good offence!]:
How GreasePak transformed grease management at Starbucks Schiphol Airport

A “First Class” for waste management:
Environmental excellence at UCL helped by Waste2O

The award winning Alf Turner & Sons butcher shop in Aldershot has had the same GreasePak installed for roughly a decade.
In all this time they’ve never experienced a Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) blockage – they’ve not even had to change the battery.

For many years The Plough in Bolnhurst has jetted its drains in order to keep
Fat, Oil and Grease blockages at bay, that is, until now!
Since the installation of GreasePak 18 months ago,
its long drain run has remained clear and no subsequent jetting has been required.

Project specifications changed to be “value engineered” at the point of installation may save money in the short term, but risk safety,
business reputation and higher costs in the long-term. This is why gas engineers choose to fit Dormont gas hoses as a prevantative measure
- the most trustworthy and only kite marked hoses in the UK!

The Proof is still in the Pub!
GreasePak’s continues to successfully tackle FOG problem
site one year on from historic year-long trial with Southern Water

The Halley Research Station is a state-of-the-art, re-locatable research facility located in Antarctica.
Vital for the study of pressing global issues, GreasePak has the important role of ensuring that operations
aren’t interrupted by unnecessary Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) blockages!

When water companies deal with blockages in public sewers, it can be
difficult to ascertain who, or what, is responsible. At a particularly problematic
Yorkshire Water site, however, the source - and solution - was clear.

The NHS in England spends around £500 million on food and serves 300 million meals every year.
To help save money, improve sustainability and to meet further legislation Stockport NHS Foundation Trust near Manchester
has replaced its food macerators with two food waste digesters.

Mechline’s Waste2O organic food waste bio-digester is proving a major success story for
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, one of the top 10% best performing Trusts in the UK,
which has cut its utilities bill by a whopping £13,900 per annum.

Founded in 1860, Bloxham School—The Small School with a Great Spirit— part of the Woodard Corporation,
wanted to address the rising cost of dealing with food waste and reduce the school’s impact on
the environment.

Since opening in 2008 Cabot Circus Shopping Centre situated in Bristol
has been a beacon of sustainability in the retail sector, winning five major industry awards.
Food waste was becoming a significant issue with over 250 litres produced every 24 hours.

Multi-award winning Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa becomes the first hotel on Merseyside
to invest in a money saving sustainable food waste solution that is already having a
major impact reducing waste costs.

The Midland Hotel in Manchester, part of the Q Hotels group, is forging ahead after gaining a Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold award for
their environmental achievements.
But why does Resident Manager, Paul Bayliss MBE, think it’s important to be a green business?

Mechline’s Waste2O™ organic food waste bio-digester is gobbling up the waste from 28 busy resturants
and other retail outlets at Festival Place in Basingstoke.

Mechline has added an all new, advanced range of hand wash stations to its lineup.
An extension of the existing BaSix brand, the all-New 300/400 Wash Basin range is the
next generation of hand wash stations designed to promote optimal hygiene
practise with minimal fuss – easy to install, use and clean!

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